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Welcome to Emmy’s Barking Lot!

We are a dog day care facility conveniently located on Rt. 53 in Hanover, MA.  Whether you are busy at work all day, or want your pup to get a workout while you do, Emmy’s Barking Lot is the place for your dog to learn and play!  We are proud of our beautiful 2000 sq. ft. facility that includes 500 sq. ft. of outdoor space.  We want your dog to be as comfortable as he/she is at home; Emmy’s Barking Lot is fully equipped with beds to lounge in, and full AC in the summer to stay cool.

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At Emmy’s Barking Lot, happy dogs are our priority! Every day that your pup spends at “school” we can guarantee that they will come home exhausted, with a smile on their face!  Our experienced handlers oversee our pack every minute, ensuring that every one plays together in a safe and happy environment.

Our Story

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Emmy Cipolletti is our fierce, passionate founder and inspiration. In 2012, she started Mobile Mutts – a dog walking company.  Seeing her uncanny ability to not only lead a pack, but train any type of dog, quickly made more and more people flock to her.  If you see an extremely well trained dog on the South Shore – Emmy probably trained them!

With so many happy dogs and owners in her pack, Emmy was able to open The Barking Lot in 2015.  A full daycare, training and home boarding company, Emmy flourished.  In 2016, Emmy passed away from a congenital heart condition, and her sister, Kate, took over the business.

Renamed Emmy’s Barking Lot, we will always operate the way Emmy did. That means going above and beyond for our furry friends, and their owners.  We are passionate about expanding Emmy’s legacy and making as many dogs on the South Shore happy, tired and well-behaved pups!

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